How mutch should your project cost?

One of the biggest challenges is putting together an estimate for how
much your app or website should cost. The estimation process isn’t exactly
a science but we thought there could be a way to simplify it.

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Project Platform(s)

Choose one or more platforms


Iphone and Ipad app


Android Phone and Tablet app

Windows Phone

Windows Phone and Tablet app


Website or Web App


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E-mail Login

Standard registration with e-mail and password protection

Social Login

Registration and login with Facebook, Google, Twitter or Linkedin

User profile

Information about the user

Users network

User can search and access other user profiles

App settings

User can setup apps preferences


Message exchange between users

Social Sharing

Share apps interactions with social networks like Facebook


User can select favorite items, products or profiles


Usar can rate products, users or items


Task creation, editing and checking


Event callendar integration


App integration with devices camera


Paypall or other payment gateway integration

Shopping cart

Product listing and shopping cart (no payment gateway included)

Payment administration

Back-end payment administration

QR Code

QR Code or Bar code reader integration with devices camera


Devices GPS integration


Devices compass integration


Google maps integration


Reservation or appointment for a given date

Push Notifications

Push notifications integration


Devices audio inegration


Screen with apps most important totals and information

Content with CMS

Content pages with content management system (i.e: ho we are)

Ad service

Advertisement api integration


Video/Photo Gallery

User administration

Back-end user administration


Back-end reporting

Your projects estimate

This is a simulation of your projects possible costs. It is based on a high quality product average costs developed by a experienced team of software engineers, UX designers, and product managers. Estimates can vary greatly depending on your specific product specifications.

Feature Hours Investment
Interface design

Time allocation:

Prototyping 20%
Developing 65%
Testing 15%

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